WHO Calls Down Syndrome A ‘Severe Birth Defect,’ Blasted By Parents Of Special Needs Children

The World Health Organization (WHO) received fierce criticism for calling Down syndrome a “severe birth defect.”

In a blog post discussing “World Birth Defects Day,” the WHO explained that birth defects take “a significant toll on individuals, families, health care systems and societies.” Congenital heart defects, neural tube defects, and hemoglobin disorders were featured alongside Down syndrome.

The WHO — which voices support for “comprehensive abortion care services” — highlights in the blog post that “ultrasound can be used to screen for Down syndrome and major structural abnormalities during the first trimester, and for severe fetal anomalies during the second trimester.”

On Twitter, however, parents with special needs children — especially those with Down syndrome — responded to the WHO’s callous approach toward the matter.

“Please could you explain how #DownSyndrome is a birth defect in the context of the determining criteria you are using,” one mother asked. “Surely you mean #GeneticCondition? The presence of an extra chromosome does not make my son defective and I do not see any defect in this image!”