SAY NO TO sexualisation and sodomisation of children

Either you are aware or not, your children, irrespective of age are already being taught that no one was born with a specific gender in many government schools. SAY NO TO sexualisation and sodomisation of children is both a program and a campaign that aims to put an end to all forms of illicit education promoted by the Comprehensive Sexuality Education across boards.

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Sexualisation and Sodomisation of children in schools;

core concepts from the program
  • Children are naturally sexual from birth, therefore any restrictions on their sexual expression or sexual activity violates their sexual rights.
  • To have good health, children and adults alike should be having regular sexual experiences either alone (masturbation) or with persons of either gender.
  • A right to sexual pleasure, even at the youngest ages is a primary human right that trumps other rights.
  • Children have privacy and confidentiality rights that trump the rights of their parents to guide their education in the area of human sexuality. 
  • Children have a right to abortion and to sexual relations without the knowledge and consent of their parents.
  • Most societal sexual and gender norms, especially those based in religious beliefs are repressive and unhealthy and should be changed.
  • Children have the right to experiment with diverse sexual identities and orientations and the behaviours associated with them in order to develop a healthy sexuality.
  • Youth are to be enlisted to combat “homophobia,” “transphobia” and “heterosexism” and to advocate for their sexual rights,
  • Youth should be involved in the design and implementation of CSE programs.
  • Children, under internationally recognized rights to health and education, have a right to all sexual information, uncensored and without parental consent.

Is this what you would want your child’s mind to become subjected to? Sodomisation and Sexualisation of children in schools is evil.
As a parent, it is important that you join SAY NO TO SSC today. Let us safeguard our children.

The dangers of Programs that promotes Sexualisation and Sodomisation of Children in Schools

Children who are exposed to sexual education in schools are also exposed to many dangerous resources such as websites, pornographic pictures, videos from Planned Parenthood, condoms, contraceptives, sex hormones, STI testing and treatment, abortions etc.

School Sexual programs which encourage the sexualisation and sodomisation of children show children how to arrange sexual experiences or how to request or get "assent" from other kids to take part in sexual acts with them. While this might be appropriate for grown-ups and adults, minors should never be urged to consent to sex.

Such programs encourage children to engage in sex and sexual activities from a young age. It sensitizes kids to sexual appeals and desensitizes them to sexual things. It gives instances of youngsters having intercourse or suggest a significant number of their companions are explicitly sexually active, encouraging them to do so. It glorifies sex, uses hyper- realistic sexual materials in teaching children, teaches sexual vocabulary to young children, while encouraging sexual fantasies all at same time.

It instructs youngsters that they are qualified to have sexual delight and urges young children to explore sexual pleasure.

The sexualisation programs underline sexual "fun" with condoms, utilizes strategies (i.e., penis and vagina models etc.) to promote condom use to young children. It fails to tell children about the failure of condoms and the risks of certain STIs that are still present despite the use of condoms.

Advances acceptance and promotion of different sexual orientation characters. It encourages kids that they can change their sexual orientation or recognize various sexes as acceptable. It fails to teach mental confusion as a form of mental disorder.

These programs encourage anal and oral sex while neglecting the dangers of such sexual practices such as HIV or Human Papilloma Virus.

It prepares children to have sexual pleasure with other young children through shared activities. It enlists youngsters as representatives to advocate for untraditional sexual rights and abortion. 

These programs encourage and supports masturbation from tender ages, which may make young children progressively helpless against addictive use of erotic materials, sexual addictions or sexual abuse.

It teaches children a different sexual orientation from what is taught and by the parents. What is taught as sexual education in schools is without parental consent.

The programs train young children that they can have sexual intercourse when they believe they are prepared for it, or when they locate a mate that they really admire and attracted to. It neglects the dangers of early exposure to sex.

It advances and acknowledges various sexual fantasies, and the fulfilment of such fantasies, while precluding the overwhelming danger of such practices. It promotes bisexual behaviour, saying it is okay for boys to have sex with both boys and girls, same is taught to girls.

Neglects to set up restraint and abstinence as the normal standard for all school-age youngsters. It instructs children that all sexual practices—other than "unprotected" vaginal and oral sex—is satisfactory, and acceptable.

It presents and promotes abortion as a form of contraceptive, promoting abortion as a positive choice while excluding information on the numerous negative physical and psychological consequences. It recognises abortion as a human right that each child has.

The real agenda of sexual education is to upturn the traditional values and beliefs about sex, while redefining what is taught and practiced as sex.

Please Take Action Now


With this petition, you are joining us to SAY NO to Sexualisation and sodomisation of Children. We need to stop immediately the teachers, schools, governments, administrators, and government departments who are sponsoring, endorsing, funding and promoting the Comprehensive Sexuality Education of Children, especially in schools. Comprehensive Sexuality Education is nothing but sodomisation of a child and it must be stopped immediately.

Sign this petition today, join us to put an end to this evil.


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