SAY NO TO SEXUALISATION AND SODOMISATION OF CHILDREN is both a program and a campaign that aims to put an end to all forms of illicit education promoted by the Comprehensive Sexuality Education across boards.

The agenda for the Sexualisation and Sodomisation of Children has been around for decades, however, no decade has seen this agenda been pushed forward aggressively as this decade. R4cently, in what is called the Comprehensive Sexuality Education of Children in schools, children of all ages are taught to define their own gender, to pleasure themselves sexually if they feel the need, to learn the use of condoms and other contraceptives, to learn which parts of their bodies gives them the most arousal and pleasure when touched.

Either you are aware or not, your children, irrespective of age are already being taught that no one was born with a specific gender, in many government schools.  Tax payers’ money is being used to sponsor the Sexuality education of young children allowing them to learn erotic body parts, erotic languages and erotic behaviour. Many of these happens without the parents knowing a thing.

The agenda of government and those behind the sponsorship of the Comprehensive sexuality education is to completely alter the society’s views of sex as we know it. It is to push forward a liberal agenda, accepting that all forms of sex are okay. It is to redefine totally the stereotypes and conservative attitudes and behaviours regarding sex and sexuality.

Parents are neglected while children, especially young children are targeted.

Under this education, youths and teenagers are taught to accept radical views about sex, promote abortion of babies and single parenthood, promiscuity, risky sexual behaviours, etc. 

At a time when many parents have not bothered to mention the word ‘sex’ to their children even once, enter curricula are already being taught to these same children in their schools, in a bid fully supported by many local and national governments.

At SAY NO TO SSC, we are raising a war against this sexualisation and sodomisation of children under the guise of the monstrous Comprehensive Sexuality Education.

The type of Sponsors who support this sort of education in schools and the society already reveals the mind and spirit behind the education. Comprehensive sexuality education receives its biggest sponsorships from Planned Parenthood, whose programs promote abortion of babies irrespective of age. Other donors, such as the LGBT gives credence to the schemes and plans behind the Comprehensive Sexuality Education. 

It is highly disturbing that world bodies such as UNFPA, UNICEF, UNESCO, WHO and other such organisations are involved in the sponsorship of this education programs that destroys the minds of our children and terminates their innocence.

According to the American College of Paediatricians, “Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) goes far beyond sex ed, and is a dangerous assault on the health and innocence of children”

Obviously, right now, a big elephant has entered into the room. It will not be easy to cast this elephant out, but it is also not impossible. When you join the campaign to SAY NO TO SSC, you are joining hands with other parents, guardians and sponsors of children who believe that the future is our children, who believe that the greatest legacy which we will leave behind is our children. Therefore, you are joining the fight to preserve he mind of your children and your legacy.

With this campaign, we will mount enough pressure on all schools that have embraced these disturbing programs to end it. We will pressure our governments, ministries, program coordinators, school administrators, etc. to immediately abolish these programs from our schools.

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Write to us to inquire if your child’s school has subscribed to Comprehensive Sexuality Education, we will send you a full list of schools within the country who are teaching their children with this curriculum.